Quick Packing Tips for Moving Away

Here is a compiled list of quick packing tips to ensure you save time and money on your move.

Following these tips will save you a lot of frustration and will also be helpful for your West New

York moving movers on moving day.

● Make use of shredded paper

Practically everybody owns a paper shredder. It’s perfect for preventing paper from piling up

and is also perfect for preventing identity theft. Take that shredded paper and make your own

packing material. Get old magazines, needless office paper, old essays, outdated reports, and

anything you were going to recycle anyway. Be sure to remove staples and paperclips before

feeding them into the shredder.

Shredded paper provides ideal protection against bumps. Line your boxes with fragile items.

You can rest assured your items will arrive safely and get rid any extra paperwork cluttering up

your home.

● Use linens to top up boxes

If you have extra room in the top portion of your box, which you will surely encounter, consider

using lightweight linens to take up the space. pillowcases, place mats, table cloths, hand towels,


These will take up the excess space and also provide additional protection to your boxes


● Clear plastic bags

If you are only moving a short distance, consider using clear plastic bags for packing linens

and clothes. Clear plastic bags let you see the contents of the bags quickly. They are also ideal

solutions for packing in a hurry if you are pressed for time. You can use them to pack a lot of

items in kids’ rooms like stuffed animals, pillows, bedspreads, etc.

Make sure you use strong plastic bags because they don’t break as easily. When packing up

the track, these are good for filling up the spaces between packing boxes and also serves as

padding for fragile boxes. Make sure you talk with your West New York moving company about

using bags as many movers refuse to move items that aren’t in boxes for several reasons. Short

distance moves should be easier to negotiate though.

● Prepare a workstation

Before handling any packing, set aside a work surface so you don’t overstrain yourself and to

avoid any back problems. Your workstation should be just below waist height and should have

enough space for all of your packing supplies. Work benches, dining tables, or beds all make

good workstations. This will make packing much more efficient and easier to handle.

● Buy all necessary packing supplies

Make sure you make a list of all the packing supplies you’ll need and how much of everything

you can collect at once. You want to avoid any last minute trips to the store or digging around

for labeling materials and tape.

● Assemble the boxes

Once you have all your boxes and packing supplies ready, you will need to assemble the boxes

before you begin. Putting the boxes together properly is crucial to the success of your moving

to make sure your things don’t fall out. Having some of your boxes break on moving day while

your West New York moving company is moving them can cause problems that can lead to

additional costs.

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